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About Lake Superior Lather

Owner and founder Chris Bardon can often be found at shows joking “ I am just doing my part to help you clean up your act.”  Along with creating soaps and accessories, cleaning up her own act is her specialty.  She can be found creating soaps in her owner built straw bale home using a wood cook stove. Photovoltaic solar panels fill the batteries with renewable energy to provide electricity. 


Built in 1997 in a mixed wooded clearing it takes advantage of a south facing beach ridge when Lake Superior was 500 feet higher.  The farm has raised two boys, a few dogs, a small herd of sheep, chickens by the dozens and tens of thousands of garlic. 

Soap making began as gift giving and quickly found many returning “customers” who raved about how they did not have the winter itchy skin after using her soaps. Her father who suffered from psoriasis could use her soaps.  She was able to use her science and chemistry background to research and design recipes.


Using the "cold process" her soaps have the finest organic base oils many which including organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic sustainably harvested palm oil with high grade steam distilled essential oils and herbs, never perfumes or artificial dyes. The soaps are always moisturizing to sensitive skin and of course, luxuriously lathering.  

Named the “Northern Most Soap Maker in Wisconsin” by the Keeper of the Light in Bayfield, the soaps feature lighthouses of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. She has been making soaps for over 20 years now. When she is not soap'n it up she enjoys all seasons from skiing to kayaking and sometimes both at once! Check out my show schedule.


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