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A celebration in everybar? Two reasons. One reason is the soap lasts so much longer when its not sitting in a horizontal soap dish and you can celebrate being able to enjoy one of my new soaps! The second reason is you might have to crack open a new beverage or simply use the previous bottle cap again! 


This hanging magnetic SOAP SLIDE secures your bar of soap on a reusable bottle cap magnetized to the stainless steel magnet. Simply SLIDE the soap DOWN to use, then rehang. The bottle cap is pressed into the soap and it happily hangs out not making a soggy mess! Since it can dry, the soap lasts longer!


Includes a bar of soap of your choice, reusable bottle cap and a 2 1/2" suction cup. SOGGY SOAP NO MORE! You will never go back to a soggy mess once you try this. It works where ever the suction is able to hold securely. It can hang on a mirror, glass or other shower surrounds. If the suction cup will not work in your situation, either attach directly to wall via something similar to no-damage command strips or clear silicone caulk. Cedar cut on a band saw, sanded with acrylic paint, polyurthane finish with a stainless steel magnet.


  • This Soap slide can be hung in a wet environment as it is coated in acrylic paint and gloss polyurethane. Best mounted away from continuous spray. SLIDE SOAP DOWN for best release from the strong magnet. Once the soap gets small, pop out the final amount of soap and reuse the bottle cap in the next bar. Or crack open a favorite beverage. Make sure the bottle caps are removed from bottles flatly. The small soap scraps can be shredded for laundry soap or stain remover. 


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